I am doing what most people don’t do in this facility. I am leaving. It feels like the right thing to do to tell people. They  try to hide their surprise. When I say that I’m to Colorado next week, I can see their internal thought processes working.

One nurse said, “if you have to come back sometime…” I could feel my field getting tugged on. What is do you call it when people have preconceived notions and they try overlay their projections onto you? Some people think it is “negative energy.” Some people go as far as to feel that there is an aggressive almost spiritual abduction that happens.“Their entity is on me!”

I have listened to people feeling victimized by this energy and blaming the other, the projector. I feel strongly that this is wrong. There is an energy that gets transferred. I don’t question that. What I question is the who owns the responsibility for the transaction.

I will not accept that I’m powerless in these kinds of situations. It would be simpler to believe that I am, but it is not Truth. The way I’ve been able to work with this successfully is to realize that I have control over the portal, the point of entry. The portal is where I am vulnerable.  The portal always involves the Shadow. And let’s face it, most people have not done their  Shadow work. It is the hardest work for us to do.  As they say, either we do it or it does us. And I wonder whether shadow work ever truly gets completed while we are in our physical bodies.

I am not terribly adept at recognizing the projection in the moment. It is often after I’ve been blindsided that I recognize my complicity. At least I can begin to unravel where I have allowed myself to get ambushed. After all, I was the one who opened the door for the intruder.

It is liberating to realize that I’m not powerless around other people’s unconscious projections.