Shattered, like a window pane.… Something deep inside of me is shattered.  –Linda Ronstadt

In a previous blog entry, I described the ankle accident. What is it about transitions that makes them wrought with so many complications? What is it about MY transitions? Just to name another example, in 2007 when I was moving to Crestone, David and I were driving with our artwork in the horse trailer. The horses were shipped separately, thank goodness. We were parked at the side of the road and my wheelchair went down a hill and shattered my femur.

In working with breathwork so long, and having become a holotropic breathwork practitioner, I was trained to look at individual birth processes. The theory posits that how a person enters this life creates an imprint that recurs during every transition in one’s life. The imprint is not meant to be static. The more you bring awareness to your birth process, the more it can transform. Without going into too much theoretical detail, there are stages during the birth process which elicit certain feelings.  Inducing a birth makes the process more difficult for the mother and the child. One can say that there is an overlay of interference at a time that could be very empowering for the mother and baby.

Having calamities when I’m on the precipice of something new could represent an imprint that can be worked with when brought to consciousness. What is also significant is that both incidences happened with a caregiver participating in the calamity. This connection must reflect an archaic pattern. I’ve come to believe that with chronic illness and life altering accidents, there may be an unconscious expression that can lead to a very deep form of healing.  Contrary to much of the new age pop psychology theories, sometimes an illness or an accident can lead to this deeper level of healing that the soul desires.

Stephen Levine, who worked many years with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, teaches that of the many people he has worked with during their illnesses, he has seen many of them find a cure. And many times the person with the cure can be so difficult that they alienate the people around them. He has also seen situations where, as he describes it, the person heals, the heart comes to completion and the body dies. Perhaps the vehicle is no longer necessary once the healing has occurred.

The idea of birth-process imprinting may seem far-fetched to some, but I’ve experienced it over and over again, and I have the stitches and casts to prove it.