After following a lyme disease protocol for many years with no improvement, I had read about some lyme disease patients having success with embryonic stem cells in India. Due to the controversial political climate, the United States was way behind in research. Even in India the treatment was controversial. In fact, controversy seems to surround the doctor who developed the process. The medical establishment is closed to areas not controlled by pharmaceutical companies, in my opinion.

The second area of controversy involves the use of an embryo. The doctor in India was a fertility specialist who had a donated embryo from a couple who were going to discard it. This one embryo was processed in such a way that multiple cells were harvested and used on over seven hundred patients. I heard a story in the hospital that the process was developed as an accident in the laboratory. I have already established my belief that there are no accidents.

In 2010, after careful research, I wrote a letter requesting treatment at the hospital in India. I personally spoke to a few patients who had gone there for treatment. I believe that after attempting so many different areas of healing and finding little to no progress, I was clearly bumping into something that was unconscious. I felt that if I were going to find whatever was in the way of my healing, that India would be the place to support this inquiry. Mother India.

As I prepared for the two-month trip, I began experiencing vertigo for the first time. When I feel fear my body goes haywire. Nevertheless, I got to the hospital in India. My first night there in a meditation I saw an Indian man and a woman in a sari. I thought they were doctors, but I realized that they were the parents of the embryo. It was clear to me that they supported the process.

During the first two days, I was sent to other hospitals for diagnostic baseline studies. The results were reviewed with the doctors, and I knew where I stood. The lesions were all through my brain and thick on the cervical and lumbar areas of the spine. On the night of my second day in India I received my first injection of stem cells. With each injection I felt an increase in anxiety. The infusion of life force seem to be bumping up against something very dense and amorphous. I was unable to eat, unable to sleep and everywhere I went I carried a bag in order to throw up. During the second week of an eight-week stay, after a fitful night of insomnia, I saw an apparition. I had been thinking about my son Jordan. Jordan and his father had many parallel experiences in their lives. His father once told me that it felt like he was looking in a mirror watching Jordan grow up. Suddenly I realized that Sid’s mother had died tragically when he was in his twenties and I saw the parallel with Jordan’s experience. I saw the trajectory of the storyline and realized that I did not have to play it out. I saw how the old woman archetype had taken up residency and that it did not have to be that way. There was an existential shift. I no longer felt anxiety or fear of any type. I knew that breaking the script of the old woman needed to be central and going back to Pennsylvania to do this would be where this work needed to happen.

As most of the anxiety went away, it was replaced with feelings of liberation. During the remaining weeks, my strength and range increased as well as my dexterity. I began wheeling myself in the wheelchair from physiotherapy to my room. The atrophy in my arms began filling out and I was showing off my biceps on Skype sessions with my children. At the end of the eight weeks, I repeated the scans and found much improved blood circulation in my brain and the MRIs now showed lesions around C5 and the lumbar area only.  My brain was clear and the vertigo was gone. The doctor told me that this was the most improved MRI he had seen of someone with MS.

Interestingly enough, when I returned to the states and I told many different doctors about the experience, they were totally uninterested in seeing the scans. People are not comfortable shifting paradigms. When I see what I went through, why would I expect that they would be any different?