I believe family members have a Sacred relationship. Some relationships with family members are more challenging than others. My opinion is, if it is not challenging then why bother? Yes, I am even Type A in the spirit realm. Understanding the covenant between people takes a lot of time and a lot of self-awareness.  (Even if you don’t believe in sacred contracts, there has to be some significance to the Art of relationships.) Grasping the whole design can be like solving a mystery. It has taken many decades for me to understand the wisdom behind the lessons from my relationship with my mother. Sometimes the more challenging and precarious the relationship, the easier it is to misunderstand the significance and amount of love there actually is between the two individuals. I have been told by many people that paradoxically some of those relationships that are most problematic; as an example, those presenting a Victim/Perpetrator polarity are sometimes the most generous and selfless. One such person had a major awakening that he described in his book, The Emergency of the Divine Child. He described a childhood with a mother who was chronically abusive and alcoholic and after intensive focus on this relationship, he realized how much she had loved him to be willing to play the role of perpetrator in their relationship. This insight liberated him significantly from the victimization he was feeling in many many aspects of his life.

Some family relationships may actually be deep soul connections and some may be mere acquaintances on the spirit level. I suspect though that as our development progresses our relationships are designed to be deeper and more challenging. Again, why bother? My children are clearly very deeply connected to my soul. Sometimes, however, someone comes along without the genetic connection who is clearly part of the soul constellation. This happened to me around 18 years ago when a very dear tween walked into my office with her mother who was equally as engaging. From that time until today I feel like I have a third child in many ways. With this child however I get to relax a bit and not feel as responsible. To me this relationship feels more simpatico and easy than those with my other children. Perhaps being a grandparent would more closely fit this relationship. Now that I am a grandparent, I get to appreciate the relationship form. There is any ease in knowing that River has very adequate, responsible, and loving parents. That part is handled. The rest can be sheer joy and love.

I think with Celeste there is something in the middle. She has very loving and adequate parents and step parent, but I still feel something not quite as strong as responsibility. Similar to my biological children, I feel a need to mentor.  What is different from probably anybody else in my life is that there is a familiarity that I can imagine only twins could experience. There is this ability to know things about the person without really knowing these things. I have this with one other human, Alexandria. There is a knowing from the inside out that these two people in my life have. It is almost like feeling that we were cut from the same cloth.

I received an email from Celeste yesterday that blew me away. I’ve been staying at a log cabin on the lake where I grew up in Pennsylvania for the last month, which is now owned by my brother and sister-in-law. Having been born in July, my very first home was at this natural lake. During the earlier years, I swam, water skied, tubed, and even horseback rode around the lake. During the last thirty years, we have had a ritual of walking around the lake. Some of our most intimate conversations happened while walking around that lake.  I can remember a conversation like it was yesterday, when Casey pushed me through a wall where my heart was closed. There were times when Suzanne and I had so much to say that three and a half miles was way too short, and we had to walk around twice.

Yesterday, Celeste sent me the link to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0P_OlntXUc&feature=relmfu What is there left to say? I can’t describe the effect it has on me to be seen so deeply and completely. And when Alex viewed the video, she cried as well. How can anybody feel lonely in this life when there are others who totally know the skin you are in and perhaps their hearts beat as One?