My thirty-year-old friend was rear-ended while driving on a highway in Hawaii. In a flash, her massage table hit the back of her head and that was it. That was the end of a life. There was no chance for reconciliation for her family, no clarification, there was no chance for forgiveness. To make lemonade out of lemons, I have had twenty years to create a life full of love and forgiveness. The talks we all wish we had, I am having. I wish I had a manual. Life does not come with a manual, nor does it progress toward the end with one.

I am making it up as I go along, and I hope I get it right. I have a very willing co-creator is to give me feedback along the way. The feedback I have been getting in the last give years is very loving. I am doing something very right.

Today, I discussed exit strategies with my daughter. It is not a conversation many people get to share, but my daughter and I are not ordinary people. When we went to Brazil together to see John of God, I saw this clearly for the first time. The village of Abadiania was changed by our being there. It was a village unlike any I have visited. It was in this world, but not at all of this world. If India was the throat chakra, Brazil was the crown chakra.

I knew when I left John of God that healing this illness was not likely, that perhaps there was another plan. I determined that by Jaoa’s demeanor when I left. While Casey had an impressive healing, mine was more in the psychological and spiritual realms (welcome to my world of healing.) In his village, we walked like pilgrims all clothed in white to see John of God. We stood in line and he gave his interpreter instructions for each visitor. Casey and I were to go for “psychic surgery” first thing in the morning. We entered the room where the healing happens and after a mysterious process were instructed to go back to our cassitas afterward. We slept for twenty hours straight.

The following morning Casey awoke with a swollen brow. She casually attributed it to the sunburn the day before, but it was…unusual. A sunburn has never yielded any swollen body parts before that I know of. Casey commented that the only time her forehead was swollen was after a head injury she incurred in her younger years. Casey had been partying and hit the pavement with her forehead. She had to go to the hospital and get evaluated, since they were worried a concussion was involved. It was a pretty big deal at the time.

After two days, the swelling cleared. The atmosphere in the village was ecstatic. We were watching people as the weeks went on letting go of their wheelchairs, walking canes, etc.  In our little cassita in such close quarters, Casey and I reworked our relationship probably for the firstst time by ourselves. The first couple days she was angry and accusatory and all for relatively good reasons. I was able to listen, take it in and acknowledge her perspective for the first time. By the fourth day Casey and I were laughing hysterically about the anecdotal circumstances during her childhood. Casey and I left our two-week adventure in Brazil with a clearer sense of who we were individually as well as in relationship with one another. As with most Faith healing, it is rarely cut and dry. Whether or not any physical healing took place in that unique Brazilian village, our relationship was much lighter and more joyful.