I wanted to offer an addendum to my last blog entry, Harald and Bonnie…

In the lyrics that Bonnie Raitt sang, I will fight to make a stand, I think it is important to note that war terminology is not really what I am comfortable with when speaking about the illness curriculum. For many years, in spite of the semantics involved, I did wage a war of sorts. And with every battle I had to retreat and regroup many times. If my theory is correct, and I am learning to let go of willfulness and embrace Faith, the teaching has been very fruitful.

Marianne Williamson wrote a beautiful quote regarding this in her book Returning to Love: “Attacking a disease is not a cure. Attacking a disease only makes it yell louder. Healing comes from entering into a conversation with our illnesses, seeking to understand what it’s trying to tell us.”

I like to bring this philosophy to all energies that seem to be in conflict with the Source whether they be illnesses, addiction, or even a difference of opinion. Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, has a wonderful body of work to help bring harmony and mutuality to the differences. He is the recipient of the Bridge of Peace award.