I’m beginning a new protocol this week. It is called the Budwig Protocol and it was developed in Germany by Dr. Johanna Budwig. Budwig was a biochemist, healthcare practitioner and researcher for chronically ill patients primarily with cancer for over sixty years. If I had been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease or any other autoimmune issues, I would surely consider this protocol. Although the etiology of multiple sclerosis is unknown, as with all illnesses there are gross imbalances that need to be corrected. If followed conscientiously the protocol can yield a 90% efficacy in treating cancer, and it doesn’t seem to matter how advanced the cancer might be. I suspect that the efficacy is lower with multiple sclerosis as there seems to be much less research in that area. Common sense tells me that the earlier you catch autoimmune illnesses the less complicated they are to treat, but Dr. Budwig was known to take people from a hospital where they were deemed hopeless, begin the protocol and elicit a positive response in many cases involving cancer. One has to be judicious, however, when using “common sense.” Common sense could also present a case that chronic, life-threatening illnesses are hopeless, so one has to be discerning when dealing with such a complex issue.

I have been on many protocols over the years and many of them were helpful to a point. The main issue I was consistently unable to overcome was that I ran into difficulty detoxing, as my body would become inundated with toxins as I began to kill off the microbes triggering the autoimmune reaction. Contrary to general belief with MS, the immune system is not simply attacking itself for no reason. This has been the justification for immune modulating therapies that actually suppresses the immune system. I could never subscribe to suppressing my immune system. The metaphor I use to understand this type of treatment is that when the engine light comes on in an automobile one takes the fuse out. That is the reason that billions of dollars are accrued by the pharmaceutical companies for prescription medications for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. If one were to subscribe to a conspiracy theory, one could say pharmaceutical companies are more interested in treating diseases with mediocre efficacy and less concerned with finding a cure. This may or may not be true or perhaps it may be partially true. This hypothesis has led me to explore the imbalances illness reveals as a more effective treatment approach.

Some of the causes of the complex that some people call multiple sclerosis are hormonal imbalances, inadequate digestion of enzymes which leads to mineral deficiency, environmental toxicity including dental treatments involving mercury, root canals, etc., multiple opportunistic infections, poor vascular circulation, and oxygen deprivation, just to name a few. Dr. Terry Wahls has written a book focusing on supporting the mitochondria of the cells, which resulted in her recovery from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. She is extremely committed to conducting research to support patients in the recovery from this illness for this increasing population. It is always important to explore the psychological and energetic level of illness as well. In this entry I am providing an overview of the physical components of illness and some of the treatment approaches I have employed and the rationale, but know that the other levels previously mentioned are equally as important to explore. My particular focus on the psychological, spiritual, and energetic levels far outweighed the physical in time spent. Early on, I began to believe that my unconscious informed my healing process through dreams, psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology. Since I had a listening for this information, I became a captive and very proactive audience.

After being diagnosed with MS in 2003 and Lyme disease in 2004, the revelation of multiple opportunistic infections stimulating my immune system became my focus for many years. I know many people who have recovered from an MS diagnosis and Lyme disease through aggressive treatment. Unfortunately, twenty years later I still have bacteria overstimulating my immune system as per the dark field microscopy exploration of my blood last week. On a positive note, my blood revealed many strengths. After nine months of taking antibiotics nonstop, there is virtually no Candida (yeast) overgrowth which would have been unheard of if I were on a standard American diet. My diet is anything but standard. I have been following Dr. Wahls diet for eighteen months;  Paleolithic diet, dairy free, gluten-free, soy free, corn free, sugar-free, legume free, grain free and additive free. My blood revealed very little heavy metal toxicity as well which has been a problem in the past. It did reveal however an over active immune system which leads to extreme fatigue as well as the excessive death of many healthy cells.

The Budwig protocol floods the cells with healthy omega 3 fatty acids while eliminating all animal fat and all cooked oils. I am also following a protocol for detoxing as per a local naturopathic doctor and friend. After the ankle fractures, I was unable to stand the way I had been consistently doing every morning for an hour. Finally, last week I began to stand again and I am up to fifty-seven minutes per day. Throughout this illness, after each backslide, I had to keep finding a new baseline on which to base my recovery. Sometimes I feel like a theme for describing my healing trajectory could be “throw everything at the wall that is consistent with my intuition and see what sticks.” Well, here comes another protocol with much promise, recommended by a very caring friend who is cancer free from Hodgkin’s lymphoma after just a few months. I have no doubt that the protocol will support my well-being, but will it alter the trajectory of the illness? I suspect that I need to implement the protocol and let go of any expectations.

Welcome to my world.