“Both the rational and the irrational lead to the same understanding. Truly, the path traveled matters little, the will to arrive is enough.”–Albert Camus


In my opinion, multiple sclerosis is a catchall for different disorders. Medical science is in the dark ages when it comes to finding the etiology and then effective treatments for autoimmune illnesses. There are a great many imbalances in our culture that lead to even greater imbalances. The ravages of aggression over love is probably the greatest imbalance which needs to be addressed in order for greater wellness in our culture.

I believe that imbalances on the psychospiritual level create imbalances on the more dense levels. A valid and personal example is becoming more evident on the microbial level. I became aware that microbes and stealth infections were on the rise when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2004 and I underwent treatment. An eye-opening documentary titled Under Our Skin received critical acclaim for describing the imbalances that are accelerating and threatening many individuals. The documentary is offered free of charge on the Internet.

I was treated for a number of years by a world renowned Lyme disease specialist noted in the documentary previously mentioned. Sitting in his office in Seattle, other healthcare professionals and I discussed how many of his patients struggled with multiple illnesses including multiple sclerosis, autism, and other disorders were the contemporary canaries in the coal mines. Our culture, toxicity from irresponsible environmental practices and our lifestyle choices have elicited a proliferation of imbalances causing infections and insufficient immune systems that would  otherwise keep these microbes in balance.

Many of the friends I have met with serious injuries and illnesses are actually coming into greater balance through their challenges. I believe if people consciously choose to address their lifestyle choices, improve environmental conditions, and work through their emotional issues, this will bring them into greater balance and into a state of LOVE, love of self and others. With less struggle in the world, there will be more joy. That has been my sacred Path.

Just opening to the possibility of the bigger picture perspective for healing raises the vibration of each of us, for us and our loved ones.