“Subtle energy organizes denser energy.”–James O’Dea

When our soul, which is permanent, connects with our human bodies, which is impermanent, duality is created. This relationship is created in order for both entities to evolve. It has become helpful for me to consider both entities when decisions need to be made on how to deal with many circumstances. Becoming aware of this dual relationship has allowed me to become more empathetic toward both parties. It is through empathy that evolution is assured.

A primary issue that I have been working with throughout my life has been the issue of power. I have discussed frequently about the powerlessness I had felt much of my early life and the true power I feel today despite profound physical debilitation. There is much confusion in the world today regarding issues of power.

If one is unclear of his or her true power, things do not go well. There is a direct relationship between power and authority. Authority is how one uses their power. I see much confusion in the world regarding authority, with devastating incidents happening on a daily basis. Where is the breakdown in authority? I believe authority needs to be processed on the level of the soul, or at least through the higher self.

As I participate in many different groups during the course of the month, the issue of authority seems to be dominant. Interesting pun connecting authority and dominance. There has been so much abuse of one’s authority, both in overdoing it and in under doing it, that it is no wonder that our society is so confused regarding this issue.

Working with parents over a thirty year period has shown me just how confused our society is regarding issues of power. One of the main functions in facilitating psychotherapy groups was to provide a healthy role model as the authority figure. It required a process of maturation that was fraught with many challenges. Many of the unresolved authority issues people carried from childhood were projected upon me as the facilitator. Once I began to understand that this was a sacred gift to be able to provide this for others, I no longer took it personally. And it became an opportunity for me to get into right relationship with my own inner authority.

One significant manifestation of spiritual maturity is to notice one’s internal reaction to confrontation, but not react externally. The corrective process needs to take place as an internal process, in duality, between the soul and the human, or the ego and the higher self. This is one of the most challenging and significant tasks one needs to integrate for less relational suffering. As I learned to exercise authority with more empathy internally, I was able to provide that more consistently in my outer encounters.

One of the main pitfalls of the undeveloped personality in authority position is the tendency to cathect the victim perpetrator dyad. When one devolves into this tragic duality, nothing authentic or regenerative can happen. There are only two options, victim or victimizer. Identifying this pattern can bring tremendous liberation in relationships. It is inevitable that these patterns get energized since this is how drama is played out. Once the pattern is illuminated, transformation can take place.

Without a predominance of healthy role models for authority figures in our culture, it is no wonder that brutality and shame is being acted out and exposed all over the world. Perhaps bringing awareness to this pattern can set the scene for a quantum leap in the consciousness of authentic power, that is in Right relationship.