CourtyardI’m stealing your title, Baba, as I’m standing in my beautiful courtyard pictured below in my standing frame, realizing that I want to offer an update. The hospice nurse visited, because I felt like I needed more medical support and being so remote the home health organization could not secure a nurse to drive this far.

As I shared my situation with the nurse, I shed a tiny tear describing my sense of isolation. The isolation is not geographic; it is not even a social description. It is the feeling one has when moving toward an unknown, and maybe be Unknown. In spite of my energy level, the nurse began fitting me into the six-month program. Her requirement was that I give up physical therapy. When I saw with this trajectory was going, I realized that I was at a crossroads. Was I willing to give up my regenerative life? I clearly could see either possibility and could visit each without judgment.

I realized that my inner being was not ready to let go of my protocols. This could change tomorrow, but for now I still have “places” to go, people to see! My naturopathic doctor’s wife reasoned that, “people will want to interact with me after the book is out.”

Interestingly enough, once I made this decision, I got an e-mail from the home health organization who hired a nurse from Crestone. That is kind of how it rolls when we are aware of life’s synchronicities.

So for now I will be “standing” in my courtyard every morning, riding my stationary bike, and writing… And who knows what tomorrow will bring!