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“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” -Rainer Maria RilkeBald_Eagle_Portrait

Before turning forty, I was traveling to New Mexico multiple times a year to do very deep inner work. The symptoms had begun a couple years prior and I was determined to unravel the mystery of these internal alarms that were reverberating so profoundly through my system.

During these retreats near Taos, New Mexico, I met a medicine man with seemingly unlimited powers for healing others. His name was Gordon and he was the only white man I’d heard of who was allowed and actually sought after to treat the native chief and elders of the Taos Pueblo reservation.

Gordon was an electrical contractor, well known in his community. He also had a profound gift of healing. I remember a story where a fellow electrician had been electrocuted and Gordon mysteriously returned him to life. Extraordinary experiences such as this did not go unnoticed; nevertheless, Gordon resisted the pleas of others to practice his healing gift. Finally, perhaps to assuage the inner and outer pressure, he stated to the powers that be, that if he would experience three miracles he would stop his business and follow this path. Soon after that he was sent three people with terminal illnesses who healed miraculously. Gordon dutifully surrendered into the unknown.

Gordon worked out of a makeshift garage transformed into an office with a small waiting room. Walking into his office transported us into another realm of consciousness. When I initially met Gordon, he could not relate to the name Ilene and he called me Maybelline for the many years we worked together. It was obvious after working with Gordon that my whole energetic field including my body was totally different, and different in a very good way, yet uncomfortable. I remember asking Gordon what he did to me the last time I had been there, because for two hours I felt completely undone. His response was, “I just take out the garbage, I don’t look in it.”

On one such visit I had gone to him with extreme fibroid tumors in my uterus. My mensas was late leaving me hormonally distraught. Medical doctors could give me no relief. Gordon worked on me, sometimes with the help of sacred feathers and rattles that were gifted to him by Chiefs and elders. After working with him my complete energy field including my emotional and physical bodies were completely altered. I returned to Louisiana and within twelve hours began releasing huge blood clots on my uterus. If I had gone to a medical doctor at this point they would have insisted on a hysterectomy. I called Gordon and he told me, “they had to go somewhere…” I felt reassured and curious about this cleansing happening to my body. I learned to trust Gordon implicitly when the bloating in my abdomen normalized.

Gordon had a sense of humor. He could be working diligently on a part of my body and there would suddenly be a sound in the wall or ceiling joists. He would say, “oh, there it goes.” One time when I was waiting in the waiting room of his garage for my turn, I heard the song, “oh Maybelline, oh won’t you be true…” I figured he was playing a CD, but I noticed the music was coming from a transistor radio! When he came to retrieve me I pointed out the music. I told him, “Gordon, the weirdest things happen in this office.”

Gordon had a way of looking into your eyes that penetrated every layer to your core. During these moments I knew he was performing ultimate diagnostics. Looking into his eyes he would shape shift; I would be looking into the eyes of an eagle. I had a picture on my altar of an eagle that represented my connection with this medicine man.

Unbeknownst to me, the last time I saw Gordon he told my friend, Sandi, “that was the last time I will see Aliyah.” And as always, Gordon was right. To this day, I recall all of my friends and clients I brought to Gordon of incredible healings. I explicitly remember the pictures of women on his wall who could not have children through conventional doctors, but became pregnant with Gordon’s help.

Last night I had a dream where I met a man unknown to me sitting next to me in a circle. I stood up and hugged the man. In the embrace, I knew it was Gordon. I said, “hello Gordon” to this stranger. He told me, “you are in your way of your healing.” Yesterday, I had been disconnected all day, desperately trying to get out of the muck to connect internally. I woke up this morning feeling connected and went right to this blog entry about Gordon I had forgotten about.

I feel Gordon right here in my heart chakra and I know we will forever be Maybelline and the Eagle.


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