“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” -Jack Kornfield

Sunflower Studios

Sunflower Studios by Lori Nagel

Crestone is a small mountain town, basically in the wilderness in the Sangre de Christo mountain range of Colorado. In order to access Crestone, you must pass through Salida from the north or Alamosa from the south. It is a four hour drive from Denver international Airport International, where you will eventually turn east onto T Road and drive west toward the 14,000 foot mountains.

Geographically, it is complicated to access, aesthetically, it is breathtaking to behold, but energetically, it is almost impossible for many to land comfortably in Crestone. After living here for eight years, I have come to understand that Crestone has a vibrational frequency different from most other geographical locations. It is as if one’s vibrational frequency must already be or become compatible with Crestone in order arrive comfortably or to stay for an extended time. It has been described as entering another dimension. There are many anecdotal stories describing people’s entries into Crestone that seem auspicious and/or catastrophic but  also serve to calibrate the individuals to the frequency. The first chapter in my book Meet Me By the River: A Woman’s Healing Journey, Shattered, describes the catastrophic accident that marked my entry to Crestone.

During the drive from Louisiana to Colorado, I accidentally rolled down a steep hill in my wheelchair somewhere in Missouri and shattered my femur resulting in major orthopedic surgery using a stainless steel plate and nine screws to hold the pieces of bone together. A secondary result of shattering my femur was the shattering of my marriage with David. I now understand these circumstances were necessary for the energetic attunement in order to fully enter the frequency being offered in this majestic town. It is rare for marital relationships to last more than six months in Crestone and mine was no exception. I suspect some relationships need to be recalibrated as they are not necessarily serving each individual’s highest good along their spiritual paths. Living inauthentically in Crestone is not a pleasant option. Much is demanded upon each individual to live with integrity and Heart depending on where they are in their particular evolvement.

Cities-of-LightLocal legends describe how the mountains decide who is to stay and who is to be spit out. Of course, many people come to Crestone to fulfill their specific, time-limited, karmic roles, like cosmic chess players metaphorically moving the necessary chess pieces around, accelerating their evolution and the evolutions of others involved, and then move on. For some they stay years and others, minutes. The EMTs in the community have observed that when visitors from city life encounter the energetic disparity, they often call 911 to relieve the panic and distress. Whatever it takes; after my entry I have no judgment, only empathy and insight.

An accomplished artist in the community once told me, “To come to Crestone, one needs to be able to ‘meet one’s Self.’” Over the years I have seen how true this statement is. Granted, it takes an adjustment for the body to acclimate to an altitude of 8000 foot and the daily temperatures can be extreme. With so little humidity, hydration needs to be monitored closely. Living here is not for the faint of heart. However, for many in the community living here is exactly what we choose, not because it is easy physically, but because the level of intimacy with self and other is like no other place I have been, except maybe for India.

In my experience, if one aspires to living a challenging life with a complex curriculum, Crestone and the people who have gravitated here as home can support this undertaking. After traveling to India for treatment for this progressive, degenerative illness and facing my greatest fears of living a life of despair and victimization, I was able to return to Crestone and build a legacy of regeneration with the support of fellow Crestonians. I was not looked at with pity, but I was seen as a courageous soul living in a bigger picture of healing.

It is only in retrospect that I appreciate the support I have received from both seen and unseen helpers. It is under these 14,000 foot mountains that the deepest yearnings of my Soul could be realized.