House 3On my last post, I had technical problems with an incompatibility between Word press and Dragon, my voice software. Hopefully, Lauren can work her magic on Friday, but I added a quote at the beginning you might enjoy.

I got the following personal comment from my son Jordan I wanted to share. Realize, Sid is his father.


Really nice new blog article, mama. The scuba metaphor is a beautiful one. It reminds me of a lyric my friend calls his favorite lyric of all time by the smashing pumpkins —

A pure soul and beautiful you, don’t understand
Don’t feel me now, [I will breathe, for the both of us]
Travel the world, traverse the skies
Your home is here, within my heart

I love you so much, thanks for writing the blog. Your writing has really gotten very good. This article felt ethereal.

So much love,

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