Give me the beat boys and free my soul I want to get lost in your rock ’n roll and drift away… 

If you are reading this communication, I have left my body. I have a message for all of you, my beloveds,

When I die, don’t say that I “lost my battle.” I’m not fighting and I’m not losing. I am learning to enjoy every minute I have, I feel every connection deeply in my heart that is imprinted in FOREVER. No  Love can never be lost; it will be ingrained in the energetic/cellular collective.

With each physical loss of functioning, some other part of me became activated. I could FEEL more, I could SEE more, I could LOVE more. I learned humility, acceptance and understanding.

When I die, I will be moving across the threshold into Spaciousness. It is a sacred journey we will all be taking one day. And when it is your time, you will return Home and join me in LOVE.

Don’t just believe me, check inside and see if it is True. 

All my love, Aliyah

Please watch this Youtube Video: Akaal

Akaal means “deathless” and is a chant traditionally chanted to help a soul crossover, as well as to ease the pain of grief and loss.
Please watch this Youtube Video:

“She is a boat, she is a light
High on a hill in dark of night
She is a wave, she is the deep
She is the dark where angels sleep
When all is still and peace abides
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…

And though I walk through valleys deep
And shadows chase me in my sleep
On rocky cliffs I stand alone
I have no name, I have no home
With broken wings I reach to fly
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…

A thousand arms, a thousand eyes
A thousand ears to hear my cries
She is the gate, she is the door
She leads me through and back once more
When day has dawned and death is nigh
She’ll carry me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…

She is the first, she is the last
She is the future and the past,
Mother of all, of earth and sky
She carries me to the other side,
She carries me to the other side…”

My body will be lying in repose at my home until our community ceremony on Wednesday, August 8th.  Information will be available on Facebook, as well. The community ceremony, which will be announced in more detail tomorrow,  involves a beautiful gathering, love offerings and an empowering sendoff with an open-air cremation. To someone who has not experienced this community ritual, it might elicit discomfort, but the opposite is really true; the family and friends feel supported, complete, and full of LOVE.

Loving you loving me loving all